Lecture series on phenomenological research

Organized by Georg Stenger, Matthew Ratcliffe and Philipp Schmidt within the research group phenomenology at the Vienna Institute for philosophy.

Within the lecture series international researchers are invited to present their recent works. The aim of the workshops is to intensify the debate on those works on the basis of selected texts. According to this the participants, and especially students, may have the opportunity to participate on current debates in the field of phenomenology.


For further informations on the workshops und texts contact philipp.schmidt@univie.ac.at


21./22. März 2018
Dorothée Legrand (CNRS École Normale Supérieure)

Vortrag MI 18.30 h , HS 3d, NIG
Suspension and Analysis. Phenomenological Practice and Unconsciousness

Workshop DO 22.3., 10-13 h, HS 3a, NIG


26./27. April 2018
Jean Greisch (Institut Catholique de Paris)

Vortrag DO 26.4., 19 h, Otto-Mauer-Zentrum, Währinger Straße 2-4, 1090 Wien
Ist die Liebe eine hermeneutische Tugend? 

Workshop FR 27.4., 10-13 h, HS 3a NIG


14./15. Mai 2018
Workshop "Perspectives on the Minimal Self"

Mit: Thomas Fuchs, Marie Guillot, Martine Nida-Rümelin, Galen Strawson, Dan Zahavi

MO 14.5., 9.30-17 h, Aula am Campus (1.11), Campus Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien
DI 15.5., 9.30-16 h, Aula am Campus (1.11), Campus Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien

Für weitere Informationen: minimalself.univie.ac.at 


30. Mai 2018
Tanja Staehler (University of Sussex)

Vortrag 30.5., 18.30 h, HS 2g, NIG
Leiblichkeit und Zwischenleiblichkeit


14./15. Juni 2018
Pascal Delhom (Universität Flensburg)

Vortrag 14.6, 17.30h, HS 2i, NIG
Phänomenologie der Verletzung: Frage nach der Zugänglichkeit ihres Gegenstandes

Workshop 15.6., 10-13h, HS 3a, NIG


28./29. Juni 2018
David Carr (Emory University)

Vortrag 28.6., 17.30 h, HS 3d, NIG
Phenomenology: Metaphysics or Method?

Workshop 29.6., 10-13 h, HS 3a, NIG

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