"We Couldn't Agree on a Title - Democracy and Rationality"

7th graduate conference of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy

7th and 8th of June 2018

Confirmed keynote speakers
Hélène Landemore (Yale)
Kai Spiekermann (LSE)

Attendance of the conference is free, but participants are asked to register by e-mail to graduate-conference.wfap@univie.ac.at

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Dean | Period 2018-2020

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Datler has been appointed as dean for the period 2018–2020.


Call for Abstracts: Workshop Feminist Philosophy of Technology

Organized by Dr. Janina Loh and Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh, Department of Philosophy – with the support of the Forschungsverbund Gender & Agency and the...


Research Plattform "Mediatised Lifeworlds"

A new research plattform will be established for three years at the University of Vienna.


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26.04.2018 19:00

Lecture series on phenomenological research

Organized by Georg Stenger, Matthew Ratcliffe and Philipp Schmidt within the research group phenomenology at the Vienna Institute for philosophy.

03.05.2018 16:00

Interdisciplinary lecture series on the foundations of physics: Scientific Realism

with lectures from Prof. Martin Kusch and Prof. Friedrich Stadler, organized by the Naturwissenschaftscafé.

01.06.2018 10:00

Conference "A Not-Newtonian Research Program for Acupuncture – From Biomedicine to LH Medicine"

Organized by Jan Brousek (Vienna), scientific directory by Fengli Lan (Santa Cruz & San Jose, USA) and Friedrich Wallner (Vienna, Austria)

01.06.2018 16:00

Lecture series: Aristotelian logic

Organized by Assoz. Prof. Dr. George Karamanolis, Privatdoz. MA & GANPHÖ (Gesellschaft für antike Philosophie Österreich)


"We Couldn’t Agree on a Title." Democracy and Rationality

7th graduate conference of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy.

12.06.2018 16:45

Franz Brentano Lecutre 2018

Prof. Dr. Margaret P. Gilbert will give the Brentano lecutre, which is organized by Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Herlinde Pauer-Studer and Univ.-Prof. Dr....

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