At this Faculty, research and teaching in the field of philosophy and education are positioned in the complex knowledge landscape of the 21st century. While maintaining a critical point of view, they are rooted in the traditions that have characterised Vienna over many decades. On the other hand, they are oriented towards international developments and include theoretical approaches that have mostly been marginalised in Vienna during the "short 20th century".

The Faculty considers itself as a place where traditional and recent philosophical and educational ideas are critically enhanced and pursued in a critical dialogue at the highest international level.

Philosophy and education are particularly committed to the university's goal of being a place of critical intellectual encounter in a globally connected society. The Faculty furthermore sees itself as a forum where burning questions of a globally linked society are addressed in a public discourse and examined as well as reflected on from a philosophical and educational perspective. The education of teachers for a wide range of subjects is an important task at the Faculty. In this area the Faculty closely cooperates with the Centre for Teacher Education.

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