Research support

The legal basis for the procurement and closure of third-party funded projects is provided in the Universities Act 2002.

  • Projects pursuant to §26 are submitted and concluded on behalf of project leaders (e.g. the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna for the OeAW etc.).

  • Projects pursuant to §27 are submitted on behalf of the university (e.g. EU projects, projects for Federal Ministries and commissioned research).

Following the signatory regulations at the University of Vienna, all projects pursuant to §26 require the Dean's signature. Projects pursuant to §27 up to a volume of EUR 100,000.- require the Dean's signature (and above that the Rectorate's signature). Your contact persons at theDean's Office of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education are Mag. Dr. Helma Riefenthaler and Mag. Dr. Barbara Breunlich.

The University of Vienna offers their employees a broad range of counselling and support services with regard to the procurement of projects and the submission of project proposals:

⇒ Research services and promotion of early stage researchers

⇒ Intranet of the University of Vienna on third-party funded projects