Herlinde Pauer-Studer was the first Austrian researcher to receive an ERC-Grant in Human Sciences and has, since then, secured yet another ERC...


Herlinde Pauer-Studer is professor of Practical Philosophy and Ethics. In the following posting she introduces the main focus and results of her work...


... the winners of this year's International univie award for outstanding achievements and special commitment.


Happy birthday – especially to the VDP, our Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy! All the best for the years to come.


Three submissions from the Faculty of Philosophy and Science have made it to the final round.

Reading Circles, Colloquia etc.

​Slovak-Austrian Philosophy of Language Network: 1, 5 and 15 March, 12 and 16 April, 17 and 28 May, 18 and 28 June

Vienna Language and Mind Group  (Friday every other week, 13:15–14:45): 4 and 18 March, 1, 15 and 29 April, 13 and 27 May, 30 June

Colloquium Viennese Forum for Analytic Philosophy (Friday, 18:30–20:00, HS 3F (NIG) and online): from 9 March to 30 June

UPSalon Reading Cycle (Friday ever other week, 11:00– bis 12:30): 18 March, 1 and 29 April, 13 and 27 May, 10 and 24 June

Logik Café (Monday and Thursday, 17:00–18:30): 28 March, 25 April, 16 and 19 May, 9 and 13 June

Ecofeminism Reading Cycle (Wednesday every other week, 15:00–17:00): 27 April, 11 and 25 May, 1/15/29 June


07.10.2022 09:00

There will be several speakers from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna at this year's SWIP conference.

13.10.2022 14:00

Meister Eckhart und die Phänomenologie

Anmeldung erbeten bis spätestens 30. September 2022

bei PD Dr. Martina Roesner:

20.10.2022 16:00

Rund 10.000 Titel aus den Beständen des Vereins und wichtiger Anhänger des Wiener Kreises, die eine historisch interessante und für die...

27.10.2022 18:00

Buchvorstellung und Enthüllung der Gedenktafel über die Philosophin und Bibliothekarin. "Biografische Spuren eines Frauenlebens zwischen Aufbruch und...

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