Herlinde Pauer-Studer was the first Austrian researcher to receive an ERC-Grant in Human Sciences and has, since then, secured yet another ERC...


The announcement has been published in the University Gazette of 8 February.


Raphael Gustavo Aybar Valdivia started as coordinator of the VDP in October. In the following interview he introduces himself and his work.



44. Internationales Wittgenstein Symposium

23.03.2023 15:00

We would like to announce the third IVC fellow talk of this semester with Damian Aleksiev on "Finding Ground".

23.03.2023 17:00

Herzliche Einladung zu einem Vortrag und Workshop von Bernhard Waldenfels!

24.03.2023 15:00

This event invites interested researchers to collectively reflect on the relationship between critique and time. Special attention shall be paid to...

27.03.2023 15:00

An opportunity and space to work on your dissertation or other academic texts.

30.03.2023 15:00

We would like to announce an IVC fellow talk with Marij van Strien on "The classical worldview: Its overcoming and its creation".

Reading Circles, Colloquia etc.

Vienna Science Studies Laboratory (Vienna-based group of multi-disciplinary researchers interested in the diverse topics and issues of science, technology, and medicine studies)

Vienna Language and Mind Group (informal collaboration between the philosophy departments at the Central European University (CEU) and the University of Vienna (UniVie))

Colloquium Viennese Forum for Analytic Philosophy (discussion of papers, internal workshops, open sessions, presentation of and feedback on research projects) Subscribe to the mailing list at:

UPSalon Reading Cycle (philosophical works dealing with gender, race, sexuality, or disability)
Write an e-mail to for more information.

Logik Café (philosophical Logic and formal epistemology)

Writing Evenings VPD (opportunity and space to work on your dissertation or other academic texts; open to doctoral students, advanced master's students, and postdocs in the field of philosophy) Write an e-mail to Lisa Tragbar for more information:



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