Lecture and paper discussion with Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen (Lund University)

Prof. Dr. Rønnow-Rasmussen has been acting chair in practical philosophy at Lund University since 2014. His research mainly concerns the nature of value, valuing and reasons.

Lecture with discussion on 13th of November 2017
"Value Dualism and Good-for Unitarianism"
HS 2i, NIG (Universitätsstraße 7)

Paper discussion on 14th of November 2017
"Fitting-attitude Analysis and the Logical Consequence Argument"
HS 2h, NIG (Universitätsstraße 7)

Please register for the paper-discussion on Tuesday, 14th of November, should you intend to participate. You may send your registration to florian.kolowrat@univie.ac.at

Organized by Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Herlinde Pauer-Studer


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