The Phenomenology of Grief and Loss: A Symposium

arranged by the Research Group for Phenomenological Psychopathology and Philosophy of Psychiatry, University of Vienna.

Friday, 16th of March
from 9:00am to 5:30pm
Lecture Room 3D (3rd floor, NIG, Universitätsstraße 7)

Grief is one of the most profound, distressing, and bewildering experiences that we face. However, it has received surprisingly little attention from philosophers and remains, in many respects, poorly understood. This symposium will further investigate the phenomenology of grief and loss, by bringing together a range of perspectives from philosophy and other disciplines.


09:15–10:30Kathleen Higgins: Aesthetics, Empathy, and Bereavement
11:00–12:15 Jason Throop: Singular-Particulars: Some Reflections on the Excessiveness of Death, Mourning, and Loss
13:15–14:30Luke Brunning: Grief and the Breakup of Romantic Relationships
14:30–15:45Jonathan Cole: Grief and Depression in Bodily Impairment
16:15–17:30 Line Ryberg Ingerslev: Keeping the Dead: On Habit and Memory in Grief

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