Präsentation der neuesten Publikation von Mark Coeckelbergh, Professor für Technik- und Medienphilosophie:

New Romantic Cyborgs: Romanticism, Information Technology, and the End of the Machine

am Dienstag, 2. Mai um 17 Uhr im Hörsaal 3D, NIG.

"This book is as daring in its starting point as it is meticulous in its elaboration. Much more than an impressive and comprehensive study on technology and romanticism—which it is too—it offers a whole new way of looking at our use of technologies. Mark Coeckelbergh, quite effortlessly, confirms his reputation as one of the most versatile, profound, and original thinkers in the contemporary philosophy of technology.”
Yoni Van Den Eede, Senior Researcher, Free University of Brussels; author of Amor Technologiae

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